CMPS14 is obsolete for AOG

While the CMPS has been a good imu prior to Panda, it has a few serious weaknesses that make it not suitable to continue its support. Old firmware will be required to continue to use it. Updates will not have any CMPS code in them.

  1. It only updates every 50 msec. This is a problem since we need to time the exact value to match the GPS fix within ± 10 msec.

  2. The pins come soldered towards the top. This makes it difficult to use on a board the correct way around. Unsoldering and re-soldering is risky to damage the device.

  3. The Roll and heading are only a single decimal of resolution.

  4. The pitch is only an integer from -90 to +90 making it impossible to swap roll for pitch.

So consider buying the much better and much cheaper BNO-085 from AdaFruit. Overview | Adafruit 9-DOF Orientation IMU Fusion Breakout - BNO085 | Adafruit Learning System for only 25$.