Cmps14 not showing anything

Hello, today i just “finished” my imu, but surprise, it doesn’t work. So, i used cmps14 for my imu, which i connected to an arduino nano. When i connect it to the Agopengps it doesn’t show anything, but agIO shows a green button.

Please help me, i am a noob and i want to learn. Hopeni did not brake it from new.

Does it work if you press the reset button on the nano?

Have you installed the correct firmware on the Nano?

Wired up as below:

It’s wired up lile in this photo
I installed the filmware that is in the usb imu folder

no, it doesn’t show anything

I had a similar problem with my Cmps14 the solution for me was to run a debugger there is a link to a radio control boat website here on the forum. Hoping that this helps good luck

Got it, it was my sodering skills that were bad, but i did it again, and it worked.

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