CMPS14 orientation

Is there an easy code change to flip the orientation of the CMPS14? My chip came with the pins soldered on the opposite side as my other one and I don’t feel like desoldering them to flip the chip over. Other option would be to mount my board/box upside down but that worries me.

Invert Roll

Even if inverting roll the software still sees the CMP14 as being upside down.

Can you use Dupont/Jumper leads?

Its good to put CMPS14 in a Faraday enclosure (metal box) as otherwise it goes crazy every few minutes (or can do if there’s magnetic interference in the cab).

I’m limited on space and mounting options as I’m using a PCBv2 board. Might just need to try to desolder the pins…

Are you using Panda?

If not mount the CMPS14 in its own box in optimum position, low down in centre of cab close to rear axle. Just like the picture above, just connect it to it’s Arduino Nano.