CNH Machines with analog hydraulic valves Settings

I’m writing this posts, because I had a lot of trouble getting Agopengps on my Case Puma 200 (2012) to work. Overall it seems like a very tricky Valve to find good settings for, therefore I’m posting mine as references for somebody whos in the setup phase.
The only issue with my system is, that its still running on V4.3.1 because I just couldn’t find good Settings for these Valves in the V.5.
My System includes:
-Dualheading (Hammer Code)
-PcbV2 (Hooked up to the OEM Harness behind the passenger seat)
-Panasonic FZ-G1
-OEM Pressure sensor (I modified the V4 Code to shut of my Steering after the Sensor receives a high enough pressure level.)
-Steer Switch per Button
-Work Switch per Switch
-OEM Hydraulic Valves

Now my Settings for V4:
Gain: 12
Min. PWM: 32
High Max PWM: 100
Low Max PWM: 55

Pure P:
Look Ahead In Seconds: 2,8
Look Ahead Offline Multiplier: 1,8
Min Look Ahead in Meters: 2
UTurn Look Ahead Multiplier: 0,8

Feel free to post your settings, if somebody has good V5 Settings i might give it another shot.

UPDATE: Got it working with the newest Version (5.6.0)

My Settings are:

P: 30
MAX: 100
LOW: 70
MIN: 43


Look Ahead: 2,8
Look Ahead Speed Gain: 2,4
Sidehill Deg…: 0,10
Integral: 11

I’m not quite sure about the Integral, but these are settings that work pretty good from Low to mid speeds, high speeds like 20kmh, but i will try more this season.

Edit: A few pictures of my setup:

The OEM harness gets plugged in, the grey cable is for my steer and work switch. With one USB cable theres also a reset and on off switch. To be honest these two switches are useless because I’m powering everything with ignition power.


You mean this valve?
I also struggled with him. These valves are faulty, I tried on several tractors and it was impossible to set it on any of them. If you give too little gain, it won’t tighten the line, you increase it a bit and it starts to swing the wheels when stationary. It goes straight and suddenly makes zigzags, the first time I thought they were broken, but now I know that this type is like that. The one in the picture was removed from the NHT7 in order to replace it with my valve block.

Yes these valves, the same are installed in my Puma, but we were running a Trimble system before agopengps and it worked from the valve side pretty good. But its just a nightmare to find good settings. In my case I only could in V4, not in V5. But did you only swap the valves itself or the whole hydraulics block like in you pictures? Because if better valves had the same dimensions as the OEM ones this shouldn’t be to difficult.