Collecting hardware for guidance (autosteer next year maybe) a few questions to confirm HW choices

As headline suggests I am trying to get a basic guidance (hopefully RTK station too) set up.
Found a used tough pad FZ-A1 - it is 10 years old - will it really be ok? I don’t mind spending a few hundred but older pro seems better than new Chinese consumer version.

this is the GPS antenna/module I am looking at. Does it look ok or are there any recommendations.

Now for the RTK I need web connection right? for the tablet to get the correction data - If I have understood right. My phone hotspot is generally reliable, am I ok to use it?

But in general just for guidance work to get started does that antenna+GPS/tablet combo look ok to get going.

thanks - I have tried reading old threads but it is bit overwhelming and discussions tends to branch out quickly - thus another newbie thread.


The antenna is a big no! It’s only L1. Ublox 8 are old, Use only Ublox F9P chip (or better)!
Check for Ardusimple SimpleRTK2B
Phone hotspot is the easiest for rtk correction especially if there is a base station near!
You can check here if there is one less than 100 km from your location.

Edit: to see the stations here then “view all” if link above dont work

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Thanks a ton,

  1. GPS
    so that Ardusimple GPS module + antenna will do. I will order the kit right away.
  2. RTK
    Seems that there are 3 options fairly near (35km, 45km and 65km away) So own bases station is not that relevant at least for now.
  3. any idea about the toughbook, if it will have the horsepower required?

unrelated anecdote: in past week in eastern Finland, just few hundred km from here the people exercising with their GPS sports devices have had random jumps of several hundred km due to Russian jamming the signal. Numerous accounts of these.

nevermind, looks like the tablet is android…

bit more cash but others seem to ask even double for these so maybe not so bad. If I can keep total clearly under a grand it is still a bargain to what the commercial systems go for.

For this price or less you should also be able to find a 10" Panasonic FZ-G1. They have better CPU, better screen resolution, and standard a higher brightness. (CF-D1 may have this as an option)
Ebay can be a good source for tablets.

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Oh cool,
same place has this (didn’t know they are better)
It is a refurbished equipment dealer so they give some warranty and I can get sales tax off so much prefer over Ebay.