Colored Sections on tram lines

I used AgOpenGps for seeding with an pretty old drill with mechanical tram line switch on lifting the drill. Some times, e.g after a longer break, there is the question, if there should be a tramline on the next pass or not.
So I thougt I could try to implement different colors for the tramline pass.
Suprisingly I figured out to code the (very) basics to get a first impression how it would look like.


I thought I could share that with you, maybe this is viable for someone. If not, no problem :slight_smile:

Ps.: I follow AgOpenGps since some years now and have been deeply impressed! Thanks to all who made that possible!


yes that was the same i was thinking about!


please share your code here…

The way sections are saved would need to include color.

I’ve seen that in the code.
But I’m not sure if it is realy necessary to color the sections. That migth be an overkill. Maybe it would be better to have a preview where only those AB Lines are shown which are on a tram line. Or is there the need to store that information?

Just drawing lines is possible yes. It gets really tricky with offset machines though, that has always been quite challenging for me.

For now I think I have finished the implementation. On the GUI, I added

  • a color picker under the ‘display->colors’ menu, where you can choose the color for the tram section
  • a new menu entry under ‘display’, which is called “Tramsections” (), where you can globally enable/disable the colorization of the tram section

If you uncheck “Tramsections”, the colorization of the sections is as it has been before.

The chosen color and the selection state of the “Tramsections” menu-entry will be saved in the user data, similar to the other settings.

What do you think?


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A bunch of files has been changed. May I make a pull request?
@BrianTee_Admin Is there a howto PR somewhere?

Ya its kind of a crazy development time right now with the new gui. Almost done. I guess we will have to try and see what happens, or can add manually to the latest commit. Such a pain with no real solution.

Is the change on your github for now?

Here I am again… with my tramline issue who is between 2 work passes… how about that?

Not on my Git yet. I can push it.
But no need to hurry I think. Take your time to finish your actual development.

What do you mean exactly with “between 2 workpasses”?

Well, my seeder is 3mtrs wide. Sprayer and fertilizer spreader are 24mtrs wide. So after seeding 4 passes, I’ve done 12mtrs of seeding. Then i’m in the middle of my sprayer. My tramline starts at the 4th half pass and the 5th half pass…

Martin, does it save the colors in the section file?

Hi Brian, yes the colors are saved in the section file.
What I noticed is, that every new entry in the Sections.txt file creates a new “version” of the file. So I had to add a check for the new boolean property for the sake of compatibility to the “old version” of the file.

Try making lines for spraying this way.

Make new field(Boundary seed rye 2019) Seed with 3 m seeder- and save field.

Change tool width to 24 m (could be easier with 12 m temporarily) and park tractor at the right distance to edge where the A B line is (12 m from edge) In Sim this can only be done after field is opened![Smile]

Make/open new field -clone from 3m seeded field (Boundary seed rye 2019) and name it Spray 24 m

Choose your A B line and click it right or left until line is in center of tractor (here it is easier if tool temporarily, is set to 12 m because then line also hits boarder at same time as center of tractor)

Now you have correct AB lines for spraying.


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@Larsvest I understand your idea, it will work. But I want to see where the tramlines are come when I’m seeding. So that I can see when I have to shutoff my tramline valves in the seeder. :slight_smile:

Ok, you want some visual on screen on both track 4 and 5.
I think you could get a little like it if you set tramline to start at 4(depending of nr of first track from side) and skip 8, this way you should get 7 red lines and then one green for every 8 passes, to remind you of activating tramline valves.


Yes… I know that works, that’s how I am using it now… I’d like to have a visual view for all the tramlines in that field… so every 24mtrs there is a line drawn, referenced at my AB reference line. Or from first pass :slight_smile:

Well now I know how to set mine up in the spring.:slightly_smiling_face:
I believe the hard working programmers will figure it out:+1:
Another way is to split your seeder in AOG into 3 sections, 20 cm 260 cm 20 cm, and maybe even interconnect via relay to tramcomputer or tramvalves, then you also have red/unapplied sign on screen when making tramline and the unapplied gap will be seen also.

@Larsvest @Richardklasens_admin
Hi Richard and Lars (I hope that are your real names :slight_smile:)

As you can read in my second post above, I am not sure if its realy useful to color the whole section. I also thought that there could be a “tram line preview” as you both mentioned.
Basicly I think I want to address the same issue as you stated, Richard. Which is, to see in advance if the next pass should generate a tramline.
Do you both think we should try to implement a “tramline preview” with the existing AB-lines rather than the thing I showed?