Combining Single Antenna GPS + IMU

Hello i noticed something strange with my imu (adafruit bno). Everything works perfectly but for the second time now i caught it not showing roll. The roll value is 5 and does not move after turning the power off and on again it works again. Also worrh mentioning that my zero roll value is -5.00

Is the IMU heading also stuck at 0? Mine does that occasionally. Restarting the panda seems to fix it. Annoying though

Watch when you zero the BNO, if you do not have a valid PANDA sentence every time you hit zero it makes a new bigger error.

Only zero with a valid GPS position. Found this out trying to zero on the edge of the concrete coming out of the shop.

For heading watch the heading graph as you drive to look for dropouts. But not while driving straight north. Is the reset pin of your bno held high 3.3v?

@PotatoFarmer I zero roll in my shed where i know the concreate is flat and level. I have a valid GPS but only float because of the shed. I zeroed all my tractors this way and the rest work fine, only this one is mesing with me. This happened twice once while a few hours doing a job and today on startup.

@Davidwedel i havent been paying attention on bno heading only noticed the roll was wrong but after restart it works fine.

Hi - I wonder if someone can help me ! I am using single antenna and v1_1 pcb and am now testing in the tractor. Everything seems to be fine - steer motor, rtk, machine and gps all seem to connect. The issue I have is that I do not think that the IMU is working and am not sure where to check it. I am using BNO08x and the green led comes on when powered up. On the bottom right hand corner of the screen is what I imagine is a level indication which is red but does not move if the imu or pcb is rotated. Can somebody tell me if I am doing something wrong or if my imu might not be working ? ~Thanks Oliver

I am using version 5.8.3

check the “serial port monitor” in the Arduino program

the last three commas are responsible for data from the IMU

you can also try another version, for example 5.7.2

Thanks my gps is attached to the pc using usb so not on the pcb board - would that make a difference ?

Would make a huge difference.

Thanks - will get the micro f9p and try again

Theoretically you could run jumper wires between the f9p and the PCB.

Thank you for that pointer - installed new f9p micro and Imu working correctly

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