Communication issue between Arduino Nano and BNO08

Hi all, I´m trying get my AgOpenGPS Setup working with PCBv2 Bord, Arduino Nano and a BNO080.
At the moment I have some trouble to get the communication up between the Arduino Nano and the BNO.

The first thing which I´m woundering about is that the I2C address of my BNO ist 0x1d and not 0x4A like in the souce code of Autosteer_USB_v5_0.ino.
After changing the adress the program gets stucked at line 233 bno08x.begin(bno08xAddress)
Has anybody an idea what could be the problem?

AOG (via the ino) autodetect 4 different imu so you should not change anything.

Thanks for your quick replay. If i use the “standard” code i just get:

Error = 4
BNO08X not Connected or Found

That´s why i started to search my BNO with a i2c scanner and found it on adress 0x1D. As far as i understand the ino-code, on line 87 in Autosteer_USB_v5_0.ino the address array is set to 0x4A and 0x4B:

// BNO08x address variables to check where it is
const uint8_t bno08xAddresses[] = {0x4A,0x4B};

If i add my address 0x1D to this array the


in line 222 seems to work but it gets stuck on line 233:

// Initialize BNO080 lib
if (bno08x.begin(bno08xAddress))

What would you recommend to test?

I don’t know enough ino programming to help you here.
Many i2c devices have two address (by soldering a spot) did you check your bno datasheet?
Please post a picture of the bno0xx you have

Yes, i did. With soldering the spot i could change the adress to 0x1c.
I´m using the Sparkfun Breakout Board as mentioned in the PartsList.xlsx

You need to use a BNO080, or BNO085, or CMPS14.
Sparkfun BNO080
Adafruit BNO085

The MMA you are trying to use is no longer used.

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Ok, good to know, i´ll give it try.

Thank you ver much for your Help.

Chinese version BNO08X works fine too and there is stock on aliexpress.


add small delay in start code.

Unfortunatly I can´t test a delay at the moment but I´ve ordered an Adafruit BNO085 which should arrive on Thursday. I´ve give you feedback if the problem is solved.