Communication problem with USR module

I use a pcbV2 with an f9p on a USR module in order to have only one network cable. that works well. however after a while I noticed that the current measurement is not decoded by AOG.


however, when I connect the pcb via USB without any other modification than disconnecting the USR module, the data is received.

so I think there is a miss somewhere, I don’t know if it happens in pure UDP. however I did not notice any difference in the PGN or data format between autosteer USB vs UDP.

PS: tested from version 5.6.2 to 5.6.11

I would say your USR module / configuration is the problem.

I would say the two different PGN’s (steering PGN & current reading PGN) are getting lumped into one UDP packet and although I haven’t looked but AgIO can’t read two PGN’s in one UDP packet, there must be one PGN per packet.

interesting. in the ino autosteer sends it and separated, but the usr module would wait to have a complete package before sending it? (like some wifi router) this would explain other weird symptoms I had with autoguiding.

now i saw options for packet size limit or flow control settings in usr module… but do you have any idea which settings to use?

or maybe it would be necessary to add a delay between the sending of the 2 pgn so that it is sent separately.