Compact Teensy single GPS hat for autosteer PCB

I used it in a tractor all summer with ethernet, I will try to adapt the firmware for V5.7.2. Must change some pins in the Teensy.
I will try to post in the next days

Thank you!

Here I have a firmware that communicate over UDP for v5.7.2

connect anything on A0, A1, A6 and A7
pressure on A2
current on A3

I had an unstable WAS while testing it :thinking:
IMU and ADS1115 are on the same WIRE.
check line 50 for GPS bautrate if it doesn’t work (51,8 Ko)

This is probably because some ADS functions are hard-coded to wire1.

Thanks Pat, much appreciated!

Ill give that a try!


Got it to work.

Looks the pins need remapping and find and replace the word Wire1 with Wire.

Thanks again!


Yes exactly,
the .xls file in the folder should help.
And there are 2 wire.begin in the official code.
I already forgot what I did with that! :sweat_smile:

Hi Pat, do you have a machine board and teensy connceted via Ethernet as well?

My machine board is acting up. Tried the Teensy firmware witout steer enabled with the same result. I build two boxes, both do the same.

When I unplug the machine network cable the the relays are quiet.

See video.



When i unplug the teensy network cable, the
relays are quiet as well.

No, I use the teensy alone, no extra relay.
I have no idea how the machine module should work

But I think the hat should behave like the official firmware.

I would say AOG need a good GPS fix to activate the machine module

Thanks, I’ll take a closer look tonight.

Found the problem.
So in the Machine_UDP_v5.INO pin D10 is declared as CS pin.
In the Schematic Pin D10 is used to lower. Once the wire to the relay comes of pin D10 everything is fine.
For 8 relays go D2 to D9.