Computer to run AgopenGps

What has everyone found to be a good to best solution for the in cab computer? Was thinking of a Microsoft surface but have not been around them much.

Not sure there is a best. Good is whatever you have available. I used an intel Nuc & fabricated a mount to incorporate it and a touchscreen. Getting a good screen is an issue, try for 1000 nits.
I’m going to add a keyboard or maybe a trackball. as I find touchscreens frustrating while moving.

Have got an older surface pro in mine, has been rock solid / perfect for the job!

One way to use your computer


Interesting approach, as the offer of suitable small windows tablets or 2 in 1 laptops is not so big anymore. What touch-screens do you use @Apm @MylArti?

I´m using this

I used this one, Would I get another? Only if I could not find brighter one with 800-1000 nits.

Does need antiglare cover also. Otherwise screen is like a mirror in sunlight.

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Found the Apm one in Germany 150€ (They also have them in 13.3 inch 170€)

Looking to get a tablet and need to know minimum USB ports needed. Based on what I have been reading seems like I need a minimum of two usb ports besides one needed for power. One for arduino board and one for f9p antenna. Is this correct or is there a way to connect f9p to Arduino board?

How does laptop stay running with it being closed? Is there a feature with this monitor to keep it from going to sleep when laptop is closed?

Power Management Settings / System Settings allows you to change the Closing function of the cover. Set that to “do nothing”

If you need more usb ports, a usb hub will do.

I can plug the f9p usb and the arduino usb into the hub and plug single usb into computer and aog would be able to distinguish between the two coming into one USB port? Sorry if this sounds trival but just starting. Thanks for patients

Yes, you can

anyone come up with any good finds as to screens, tablets or computers for this project since the earlier posts, Im just looking at getting this equipment.