Conection to citron mds13s

sry fore bothering i have some qwestion i made the kaopi v4.1 pcb and i conected it. it reds the w.a.s but i cant get any signal out from Cytron MDS to motor i try to conect and disconect the steering imput swich but no help form it … cold someone help me (im beginner so it cold be a banal mistake to) tnx fore help

Well lots of places to start.
My guess you missed some of the settings, and if you do not use the “Drive mode” tractor must be moving to activate output to Cytron. (and you did set AOG to Cytron and send settings to Nano?)

At top of this forum you find videos, one of them ar this one:
Watch the whole video :slight_smile:

When you click help in AOG program V5.4.5 you get some links to help, also the PDF Manual. Manual is also in AOG program folder (several languages available).

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thanks i will try it

Looks good! Mine is working fine. I tested with working AOG, steerswich on. In the right down corner a green arrow.
Also you can test the board by pressing test buttons on the Cytron board.

Here a picture of mine.


Don’t know if you got it a working but I had similar issues with the same board. Tried everything, had everything hooked up right, all voltages pined out correctly. So I tried a different Arduino. Original one was a Chinese Ebay special multi pack, actually looks identical to yours, and had the old boot loader. So I switched to an actual Arduino nano from Arduino. Everything instantly started working. My 2 cents. Hope it works.

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tnx it is form e bay sounds like same problem tanks but i can see the reading from the WAS so im not shure need to mounte somvere to try it wen its moving :smiley: