Configuring simplertk2b, no satellites after configuration


So had another go with the software today and some strangs things are happening.
I have the simplertk2b board with 4G NTRIP client from Ardusimple.
A member here recommended to put the NTRIP setting on the master board and not in AOG.
When i do a firmware update on the unit (1.13 or 1.32, same behaviour) the unit is almost instantly communicating, showing satellites and all kinds of numbers, but as soon as I upload the configuration file, nothing happens. In the fix mode bar it does shows something like 3D/DGNS or 2D/3D, but no satellites at all.
The board at that moment shows a NO RTK light.
Weird thing though when I tried to run AOG, it did have some sort of reception, and after setting the NTRIP caster settings (about 35km from me) it even looked to have an RTK fix for about 10min.
Before that, it did nothing with the caster settings from the board.
It showed RTK fix in the top right corner, AB line looked to be following as expected (although maybe not 100%), and the GPS FIX light on the board was solid blue.
Is this normal behaviour? I’m thinking something must be wrong but I cannot figure out what. Does anyone have an idea?

If you are looking in ucenter, I think the configuration file turn off the show, to save data output I suppose.
But it should work in AOG.