Confirm my parts list

I’m looking to build my first RTK GPS set up for our tractor and just want to get some reassurance before I start buying parts and pieces. I live in Wisconsin which has a free to use RTK base station network throughout the state for the DOT and land surveyors. I plan to use this network of base stations for correction via NTRIP. I’m not looking to do any autosteer, just guidance for now.

My impression is all I need is:

  1. A Windows tablet
  2. An RTK GPS antenna
  3. A wireless hotspot (my smartphone)

Is this correct? Seems almost too easy!

Lastly, I’m looking at the ArduSimple SimpleRTK2B Budget or the ArduSimpleRTK2B Starter Kit. I can’t figure out what exactly the differences are and which one I should get.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

That’s all you need - and the starter kit is just the budget+antenna.

And if all you want is guidance, you can even plug the F9P into an android phone and use one of the many free guidance apps on that.

For the NTRIP correction to happen, do I need to have just the tablet (Window or Android in your example) connected to the wireless hotspot or does the circuit board of the ArduSimple also need to connect? I saw something that some can come with headers to attach things to connect it to others via Bluetooth or WiFi.

I send the correction data to a SparkFun gps/rtk receiver over an USB/Serial converter.
I’ve never done it with WiFi. My phone is not a good hotspot.
I use a Teltonika RUT240 router.

If you want a standard f9p to be wireless to whatever tablet you prefer, put a Bluetooth xbee in the standard f9p xbee socket, and connect as an example, Lefebure NTRIP client on tablet (which have connection to the internet, ) then f9p can return the RTK fixed signal to tablet where you can use it in another steer guiding app!

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