Connecting the board to the computer

Today i recieved my last part, the Teensy, i got that programmed, and connected to the board.

I then tought i would test it and connected it to the computer using a ethernet cable.
The board does however not appear on my computer. and the teensy is blinking rapidly.

Any thoughts as to what may be wrong? The ethernet port on the board only has the green light.

The green light on the ethernet port so you’ve got power there. There should also be an orange light on the other side of the port that flashes when you connect ethernet cable.
Try a different ethernet cable maybe.
Have you altered your ip address in agio to accept the ip that agopen uses

I have tried several cables, and its the same, the connection does not appear in the lower right corner on the screen.
The Teensy blinks rapidly, i dont know if it’s supposed to do that. I tried to set up the ipv4 settings on the computer, as per 05. Ethernet Setup · farmerbriantee/AgOpenGPS Wiki · GitHub
but the “unidentified network” does not appear.

My teensy blinks rapidly orange.
Did the teensy upload go ok, maybe try it a 2nd time.
You’ll definitely need to alter the ip settings of your tablet as per the wiki guide or You’ll never be able to connect with ethernet

you havnt got your ethernet pins soldierd in the teensy. A block of 6 pins 2mm through the teensy into the pcb

hehe, in my hurry i forgot that, i will solder it and try… Thanks mate!

No problem. Im still learning and having my fair share of problems. Where you based

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But i do not think i have the right pins for this, i have the header block…

I am from Norway, you?

They are special pins
Different size to normal header pins.
Do a search on here at the top for teensy ethernet pins and you’ll find a supplier.
Im in the uk

One thing to note - the board won’t “appear” on your computer, it’s not like plugging in a USB device.

I was referring to the ethernet or local connection showing as a network connection. The problem has been solved! :slight_smile:

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Those pins are not long enough, you need a total overall length of approx. 13.5mm

I thought about it and shared it.

I have a similar problem - everything lights up, but the computer does not see it
Mine is connected via USB
Any ideas?

if u have connected via usb why u show Network Connections ? Look at Device Manager / Tab Ports ( COM and LPT ) you should see Teensy USB Serial, check with Arduino program / Serial port monitor what data u get from Teensy if works

Screenshot 2023-06-25 125122