Connecting to NTRIP

Hi all,
I am building a mower as part of a 3rd year project. Using RTK is key for it all to come together a function. I have a NTRIP client credentials and i am just about to buy an Zed-f9p Rtk breakout board. I am wondering as to how i can connect my zed-f9p (rover) to this NTRIP client and recieve the RTCM correction data while its on the move? Really really appropriate if anyone can help me thank you

With Agopen the corrections just directly to the tablet. If you need the corrections at the f9p you can slap an Ardusimple Wifi master on top of the f9p and feed it via UART.

I’d use an HC-05 xbee modul on top of the F9P. Or just look up the surveyors options on Ardusimple.

Your phone can provide ntrip based corrections to F9P.

The corrections have to come into the F9P over USB or UART. You can connect UART to different modules to transcribe them to Bluetooth, wifi, xbee, etc. There are also modules to go straight to 4G with a sim card.

So you need an internet to USB/UART/Bluetooth/Wifi transceiver. That can be a laptop, tablet, phone, pi, etc. Maybe your mower has an internet connection on a computer/pi already? Then you just need a USB cord and software.

Least expensive is probably going to be a USB OTG cord, plugging it into your phone running and NTRIP app, and your phone becomes part of the robot.

Easiest and not expensive wireless is probably going to be a Bluetooth module and connecting it to your phone running an NTRIP app.