Controlling Amazone spreaders

I was wondering if anyone had ever managed to cut sections with this type of Amatron+ box on a spreader.

These boxes speak in amaBus which is simply CAN I think.


I presume you have a zam-hydro. As far as I know only the hydro can be section controlled by the Amazone GPS switch screen or amatron3 with gps switch activation.
You are correct Amabus is just CAN at 250k speed.
I’m interested to see what you find.

Hi Daniel, I just want to say that this is really great what you have done here! I have also an Amazone ZAM Hydro and will try to rebuild this next winter. Thank you very much for sharing it.

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Is this solution also usable for a Amazone sprayer (eg section control)?
This is the same terminal isn’t it?

I was a bit confused because at first it was about sections.
After that, it was about a spreader. So, does an Amazone spreader have sections?

Another question, the connector of the box has to be connected to the Amatron?