Controlling autosteer ready tractor in a proper way (Massey Ferguson)


We have an autosteer ready tractor (Massey Ferguson 6 S 2023), with Danfoss PVED32-ACTUATOR-CC-S7 steering actuator.

My question is how should we control it with the proper way?

Directly with the danfoss commands?

or with the PGN AD00 (44288) Agricultural Guidance System command?

We have connected to the canbus and we can read the:
PGN 0xAC00 (44032) Agricultural Guidance Machine Info

If I correctly understand if we send command via PGN AD00, then the tractor’s ECU will read it, and he will send the direct command to the danfoss valve?

Are there any advantages/disadvantages of this methods?

Thank you for all your help.