Controlling existing Deere hydraulic autosteer valve with AOG

Take a Multimeter and put it on the diode setting. Check the coil in each direction to see if there is a diode built into the coil (there probably isn’t). Next use the multimeter continuity setting to check for continuity between the main casing of the valve and each lead (there probably won’t be continuity).

If there is no diode and no continuity to the block then there is no polarity. You can use either wire as ground.

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The polarity doen’t matter, BUT if you want to make an Y-connector, then you have to know the pinout.

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Thank you for the feedback. I will not work with a Y-connector. At the moment I install the original John Deere valve to get the hydraulic side original. For controlling the valve I would like to use AOG. So there is no John Deere terminal or something else. But I like to ask before I burn something.