Converting CORS to local 900 MHz wireless (Local CORS Gateway)?

I have been planning to setup my own base station since we have no cell coverage, and not enough Wi-Fi coverage in the target work space, but our state has a CORS system and I got to wondering:

Is there a way to adapt an internet connection to the CORS system to work on a local 900 MHz wireless system? If so, what is that method called (I can’t figure out good search terms)?

More specifically, I was originally planning to use a Base and a Rover unit with the X-Bee 900 MHz link from Ardusimple. Is there a tool or application I can use to replace the Base unit, and act as a gateway between the CORS network to the X-Bee 900 MHz connection?

Thank you, Chris

I would suggest just getting another F9P, ($300) make sure you get the one that can output enough power for the 1watt Xbee, survey it and configure it and you are cooking with gas!

I am considering it - but the costs continue to add up once you get a good antenna, enclosure, and power out in the open. I imagined a “gateway” would be a decent cost savings and an improvement in reliability.