Corrections service over Sim Card?

So past few months I have been reading about AgOpenGPS. Wanting to build a system (sure will), but don’t know how to get RTK. Building base station is option, on the other hand I also have contact who can get me Corrections over SIM, but is must be only used for corrections (using it for any other things like internet, watching films will lead to removal of this service). Is it possible to fix that Panasinic FZ-g1 uses it only for AgOpenGps and for other things that use Internet say just “No internet available” or something like that.

Rtk fix has to come from somewhere, via radio or internet. If internet is your choice you can use your phones wifi or order own SIM to tablet (in here it is only 4€/month). If there is base station near you, you can use it.
Or you can make your own base and connect it to home router, so it has internet.

And I think that you can block everything else from internet on Windows firewall.

How much does he ask for this “RTK correction signal over SIM card”? Sounds like a correction signal provider who gives their own SIM card along with their expensive service.

“Here” the SIM card for RTK costs 10 € per year.

Ye not that cheap in Estonia, 250€ + vat

can you get data on your phone contract?
in uk i pay £10 a month for phone which includes 40gb data ,so use that for correction signal
i use my phone as wifi hotspot in tractor

Sorry i maybe little bit lost. I can get data over my phone but it dosen’t matter because here I don’t have any free base stations on rtk2go to connect. Heres the screenshot what I ment

That must be 250€ per year? Some providers in some other countries charge even more, 500 to 1000 Euros per year (countrywide coverage though).

Seems there is no single RTK2GO base station in Estonia, quite surprising. You could be the first, spend some 250€ to build your own base, zero service costs after that.


this is what i would do

I think i have to go with this route of building base station because we have another tractor with factory GPS that could use RTK (after we buy license). Have i understud correctly, RTK looses its accuracy about every km?

If you have steer ready agco tractor it should be easy to connect your pcb to it and no motor, valve or license is needed. This was the case in Valtra T4, and I think MF and fendt are about the same.

You lose maybe 1-2mm from accuracy every km or something like that.

@Karja i always install tinywall.

Amd allow only aio.exe amd agopengps.exe and for support i install anydesk and allow it.

Not more then 500 mb a month i use now.

Before with no firewall i had 1 a 2,5 gb data a month.