Couple of questions on Kaupoi v4.1 setup to bench test my assembled board but when I hook up my nano to agio but it only shows data going to the board. Wondering if that is normal? My nano is a makerfocous brand v3.0 since Arduino is sold out. I used the autosteer v5 USB file and the old bootlegger setting and it showed it uploaded to the nano. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Try installing CH340 drivers.

And then you seem to have cut the white wire going in to md13s pwm pin. Fix that.

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Turn the simulator on when bench testing, you need GPS to do anything (even if it’s the simulator).

The 34/28 numbers in your video is actually data coming out of steering icon, into AgOpen icon.

Soon as there is GPS or simulator you will also have data coming out of AgOpen icon and into steering icon.

Like @Kaupoi has said you have cut the white PWM wire so that will be why it won’t work.

But I also just looking how you ended up here and looks like the wiring picture you are following is not colour matched to standard Cytron loom, so look at the labels rather than the colour of the wires - in that plug on the Cytron shift the red wire into the cut off white wire position and go from there

After fixing the the the wires had switched and turned on simulator on got everything to work. Thanks for the help

I’m wondering if the wires aren’t always in the same order or they just used red in the diagram because white would be hard to see. Good call on turning the simulator back on.

I have a Cytron that came with non standard colour order, shortages I guess

Your gears fit together nicely.

Thank you hopefully they fit the steering wheel as well. Autocad is a powerful tool especially with a 3D printer.