CSEQ Technologies - Box2

Hello all,
After some testing on different machines I am pleased to release my Box r2 PCB to the world.


  • Cheap to assemble - optimised BOM with as many standardised components as possible
  • Fully SMT except connectors, which are JST EH and VH series
  • PCA9615 differential I2C bus for CMPS board
  • mPCIe connectors for Ardusimple GPS card and 4G modem (or dual GPS)
  • SIM slot for 4G modem
  • 12v charging output for tablet PC - allows direct charging of some PCs such as the Chuwi Ubook series
  • Hydraulic steering ONLY - 3 channels, for Left, Right and Enable
  • Hardwired E-stop circuit - if continuity is broken anywhere in the E-stop line, all outputs are disabled. Done in hardware without intervention from the arduino.
  • integrated USB hub for arduino, 4G modem, GPS and one spare.

The unit will fit in a 165 x 105 x 61mm aluminium case - use the included Front Panel PCB file to hold the connectors, which are Weipu SP13 series. 2x 4-pole and 1 each of 6 and 9 pin.
Included is a spreadsheet for making the wiring harnesses, and interactive BOMs for each PCB.
The pin mapping and e-stop features on the arduino means I have created a custom, simplified .ino. This is also attached.

I hope someone finds this useful! I will not be able to provide any pre-assembled boards as I am busy working on the Box3, with integrated ethernet, even cheaper BOM, maybe a teensy, and a single Superseal 26 pin multi-connector on the front for all the tractor connectons, to do away with those fiddly and expensive SP13s

Oh and if anyone would like the full Kicad design files, just ask and I’ll upload them!

Box2.zip (825.5 KB)
Autosteer_Box2_stable.zip (28.1 KB)

(Ignore the bodge wire - this is fixed in the released files)


Do you have a USB hub onboard? That’s how you connect to the Nano and mPCIe sockets? To use dual F9P would require the dual calculations done in the USB host device (tablet running AoG)?

Yeah it uses an fe1.1 hub IC, so if you were to use dual GPS the calculations would need to be done on the host. I personally prefer to use single GPS and a modem card, but the choice is there.

Then you could pull the wireless card and use another f9p for dual if the code was in the nano ?

No, the cards only communicate over USB so the nano is unable to talk to them - all the dual calculations would need to be done in software on the host PC