Current Sensor Disengage testing/howto?

Hi all

I’m using the small 4.1 AIO board, and I’ve got it, WAS, 24v phidgets, and printed gears on wheel set up for bench testing. Specifically I wanted to make sure I understood how the disengage worked before I tried to put it on a tractor, and I think I’m having issues so good thing. I have NOT yet done the cytron freewheel mod, was planning to try with relays first but that was going to be my next project.

Basically my issue is that in the expanded steer configuration, selecting current turn sensor, the bar for current draw is at 2%, regardless of whether motor is on, off, or I’m fighting it. I’ve got the 24v power going in through the ampseal pin 18, any everything’s grounding out through pin 23, so as far as I can tell I’ve got things right. Can anyone help with what my problem could be?

Ive got similar setup using the relay mode. Pretty sure ive got my disengage up around the 40% number. Try a higher number then bring it back down gradually as you might find that sudden/sharp movement’s from the motor will actually disengage it
You will need one of the freewheel mods done, you’ll have no chance of disengaging it otherwise, its a very powerful motor

That’s not true, disengagement occur as soon as the motor draw more than the threshold, no matter of a freewheel mode or not

That’s weird. 2% means the connections on board are ok I guess. While fighting it should really go up.

  • You are sure you have not selected “pressure”?
  • You have pressed the “send config” button? The teensy must upload the parameters at changes.
  • Maybe the traces are bridged near the ACS?

So it’s working now, all I can say is I’m pretty sure I was on current and had sent config. I opened my box back up to check the ACS and there was a tiny speck of dust maybe on the traces, but it looked to have been petg. Either way putting it back together and trying again and it worked. Thank you for you help.

Quite often see a current draw of 1-2% when motor is disengaged and this is with a relay fitted so the motor cannot be drawing any current.

Not been a problem however.