Current tablet recommendations?

Look for recommendations on a reasonable priced, really bright tablet for AOG. I’ve been using a Walmart RCA 10" thingy that was pretty cheap for the last couple of years and haven’t been happy with trying to see that in daylight, and now it’s too scratched up to use again this year. Is the Surface Pro 4 or newer a good option there and has anyone been using one?

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very happy with fz-g1 panasonic

Are you using it as an LTE gateway?

i haven’t used it that way yet but want to try sometime.

Hi, I am using a Surface Pro 4 now, screen is sharp and bright, speed is fine, but the device feels a bit to vulnerable for tractor use. Sensitive to dust. Also, device stops charging now and then. (because of tractor vibrations??) Battery replacement is near impossible. The model with m3 CPU should be able to operate fanless, but still has ventilation openings.

Have a Dell Venue 11 7140 in another tractor, this seems more solid. No fan. Charges fien with a Targus car adapter.

Good feedback, that kinda helped make my mind up to go with the Toughpads.

Are you using UDP or serial?..the real question is does your Panasonic have 2 USB ports? 1 USB for GPS signal, a port to charge it with, and how do you communicate to the AOG box? I’ve been using a laptop with 2 USB ports and would like to switch to a tablet…

I Always use udp. Have 5 systems going with it. have a couple fz-g1s with ethernet ports . and for the others I use havis docks that have an ethernet port. Fz-g1s have a charge port.

I dont know if anyone has looked into custom touch screens they look like they could be what we’re looking for