Cytron Help Needed


I am working to get my first AOG system up and operational. Everything is checking out and working as it should, except my Cytron appears to not be outputting any voltage/signal? I made the free wheel modification as mentioned in other threads, so I’m not sure if the manual MA/MB switches to operate correctly? When I push them, nothing happens(the MA/MB lights don’t light). I have been trying to use the wizard to setup the system initially, and I get the auto steer icon to switch from red to yellow, and the green AS light comes on, but no power from the Cytron? Is it possible that the Cytron is simply bad?

You probably need the plug going from the cytron to the main board. I can’t tell for sure but I don’t see it.

Also the manual buttons don’t work after the mod unless steering is on

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I did solder these 3 pins here, which assumed replaced the plug/wiring from the cytron to the main board?

I believe you need the plug in the end of the cytron and that gets soldierd to some holes underneath the cytron.

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Thank you! This got it going!

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The three pins will work without the cytron modification but with the mod you need to connect the nc pin to pwm2 on the board. You can use it the way you have it and just add the plug with the red wire to connect to pwm2

This is the standard board but the same idea


Good deal. I struggled with this for like 2 weeks.

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