Danfoss EHi based complete system

Would there be interest in complete AgOpen systems based on the Danfoss EHi valve?

Setup consists of:
-EHi valve with PVED-CC actuator, with integrated safety valve and available for load sensing dynamic (with or without reaction) and open center system without reaction
-CAN based wheel angle sensor or existing analog sensor
-Disengage with SASA IID steering wheel angle sensor
-AOG all-in-one board with ardusimple micro and BNO085 IMU board
-Factory made plug-n-play wiring harness, extra connector available for second CAN bus and machine up/down info
-System control with a single rocker switch in cab

Price for the total system 3500 € VAT 0% with WAS, 3330 € VAT 0% with existing analog WAS in tractor, comes preassembled and tested.

Install example on a combine:
Install example on a tractor:


Do you also sell the EHI valve without the pcb? And maybe without the cable harness?

Yeah possible as well. Drop me a PM what kind of steering system.

Looks very neat, certainly would seem a better option than the Chinese FJD/CHCNav electric steering wheel systems.

And I think for someone without the inclination to build there own, its very good value especially with the OEM type Danfoss valve.

I presume PVED-CC is Canbus type control?

What teensy code is used? Do you control the valve by normal curvature command?

This one works with modified aog firmware. Actuator is canbus, so teensy send left/right and flow message on the bus. It also has the code for reading the sasa sensor for disengage, it’s on my github GitHub - jkonno/AOG_AIO_CANBUS: Modification of AOG AIO firmware for analogue/CAN WAS, SASAIID and CAN valve

I have also built this system with the PVED-CLS actuator and a custom steering ECU. Basically makes your tractor autosteer ready and you can use the CAN aog version with the curvature command or any other autosteer system for that matter. With CLS you can also use hydraulic disengage bult into the actuator and don’t need the SASA sensor.


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