Is it possible to integrate this wonder with AGOPEN?

I think so, was browsing through the spec sheets some weeks ago as well. Price is around 3500 eur, based on the one webshop I found, including the orbitrol and the valve package. Of course you could just fit the PVED-CLS on something like PVG16/32 valve body.

As I understood is has the possibility to drive with analog signal and canbus on the same valve, with a quick look at the specs. Another nice feature is the integrated safety/cutoff valve.

I have a Case Puma tractor with such an integrated orbitrol pre-installed. I would like to try to connect it.
So if I understand correctly the AUX outputs can be treated as analog?


Sorry I was wrong above. It’s actually containing all of the steering controls, and has the analog interface for a wheel angle sensor. So you just feed it with the autosteer CAN message and the controller takes care of the rest. You can do all the WAS calibration and hydraulic adjustments directly on the controller. See below snippet, I don’t know what the “GMC” is but that gets first converted to a wheel angle setpoint so I figured it’s something like the offset from the desired track.


PVED CLS - Actuator for electrohydraulic steering solutions | Danfoss that’s where I was reading from, I guess you mean CLLS = CLS, or is it something different?

So I guess the Case is “autosteer ready”? Worst caes scenario it has some Case specific software version inside and doesn’t allow you to interface from the outside.

I was just thinking about entering the joystick control, but it seems that communication is also on the can. Danfos provides software to integrate its lumber so you might just have to take advantage of it. I intend to take a closer look at it in the near future. Programming is not my forte, so I count on the help of the community!

I’ve been digging a bit more into this topic and might try this out on the Valtra T4. Plan is to go with OSPE orbitrol in place of the original and then there’s three options:

  1. PVE series with analog input, this is like any other promo valve setup, i.e. you control the spool travel with a voltage signal.

  2. PVED-CC, this is a promo valve that will sit on CAN, so you could just control it with CAN messages, so no need for motor drives and you wouldn’t need the Arduino at all if you did the controls on the software side and had just a CAN adapter on the tablet.

  3. PVED-CLS, this is the most advanced option. It actually includes the steering controller etc. so you hook up the WAS directly to the valve, either analog or CAN. Steering is via Isobus curvature command, so you’d extract the desired path curvature from AOG pure pursuit (for example) and all the low-level control is built in to the valve. Biggest plus here is the SIL2 safety functionality, which means that there’s fallback protocols in case of sensor failure, integrated safety cut-off valves etc. It’s not exactly a bargain at around 3000 eur, but you do get a lot, especially for the road safety part. With this there’s no need for the Arduino at all, except for the tilt sensor and IMU data. Trying to integrate this to AOG means some software changes, what would make sense is just to put everything on a separate CAN bus for the steering, all the sensor and steering commands etc.


Hello guys, first of all.

There was a hydraulic automatic steering system in my tractor, then I decided to change it and I have a Danfoss PVED-CLS on OSPE model orbitrol valve. I want to sell this product. I almost never used it because my tractor was at 300 hours now and 100 hours when I removed the hydraulic steering. If anyone wants to be a buyer or can help me sell, I would appreciate it if they contacted me.