Danfoss PVG16 + pressure sensor

I’m building my system around the Danfoss PVG16-valve. One question though. In this wiring diagram there is a Pressure sensor. From what I can tell there is no pressure sensor built into the Danfoss valve or am I wrong? Is there a separate pressure sensor you could recommend and is the support for pressure sensors already in the INO? Can’t find any information about this in the forum…

normally there is no sensor integrated in the danfos valve an encoder must be mounted on the steering column

What about this sensor, would it do the job and is it sensitive enough? MBS 1200 mobile hydraulic pressure transmitter | Danfoss

how and where do you think to connect it to the hydraulique of the tractor?

To be honest, I know very little about hydraulics, hence all the questions. :slight_smile:
The diagram for PVG16 inlet module mentions a measuring gauge. I thought this was the place to put the sensor?

My plan was to put the orbitrol and the PVG16 in series, with the orbitrol coming first. So when the orbitrol is used, pressure will drop on P-port on PVG-valve. (both open center)

I do not understand your diagram which must be incomplete moreover I do not know of an open center system with ls this is seems incompatible to me

Hello. U should put a shuttle valve between the two steering lines coming from the steering orbitrol. These lines must be closed during aog operation so when u move the steering wheel the pressure builds up at the sensor.

Im working on a valve bank u can bolt directly on the pvg 16 valve. Two 3/2 valves, a shuttle valve, a sensor port and 4 ports for the steering lines included.

The diagram is only the inlet-module to the PVG. Though, the diagram I realize was for a type not compatible with PVEA (electro-hydraulical actuators). I’ve updated the diagram in my first post. Danfoss describes the use for this inlet like this: “The Open Center PVP inlet with integrated pilot pressure reduction valve (PPRV) is intended for use with fixed displacement pumps in applications, where a valve group with electro-hydraulically or hydraulically controlled work sections is desired (PVE or PVH/PVHC).”

Full description https://assets.danfoss.com/documents/188018/BC152986484323en-001104.pdf (page 13)

Below is an illustration of the full system.

Is this a viable pressure sensor as it is a 4-20mah sensor?