Danfoss Valve MF7350

Hello, I am putting together my AOG for my MF7350 tractor, this one comes with a system ready for autopilot.
My question is how to connect the hydraulic valve to the motor controller.
I upload images of the valve that my tractor has and the 10-pin plug that goes directly to the cabin.
I hope you can help me, thanks.

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It’s canbus, so you need to convert the PWM signals from motor driver (IBT or md13) to can bus.

Finding out the can bus codes for the valve could be very tricky and even then would require absolute certainty on how they are implemented. The can bus head on that valve can be changed for a PWM operated one making connection much simpler. I have the spec sheet for the one on a 936 somewhere. Only 4 M6x35mm hex heads hold it on. There will be two more standard solenoids in the system too, to shuttle the load sensing line.

Like Alan said, better option!

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You do not need to connect anything to the engine, it is a tractor Ready for pilot, you only need an X25, X35 screen or a Topcon System 150, with an AGI-4 antenna for accuracy of 8 to 10 cm, of course with their respective Receiver and display cables, if you are prepared for autopilot you must have a gyroscope on the left front tire.

Ronald thanks for answering, the tractor is ready for a pilot and has its sensor on the left front tire, the hydraulic valve, all the wiring ready to the cabin, I wanted to know if I could use all this wiring ready with AgOpenGPS, to avoid buying the steering engine, but I think nobody did this, in my country they asked me 12000 dollars for the screen + the antenna and screen cables.

CAN bus is possible to work with but to figure out the PGN values it uses, you’d need to look at a working system, at least that’s the easiest way. CAN is quite a rabbit hole, and worth going down if you have some programming skill. Working with the CAN intrigues me because it would mean working with the existing valve, steering sensor, steering wheel sensor, and dash button. That would make for a very neat installation if it could be done.

I don’t have access to any MF tractors, so I can’t tell you much beyond this.

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