DC Motor model

Less expensive than I thought if that is all it takes.

Surely it needs some mechanical connection. My question was if you plan to connect it to the steering wheel axle or if it was directly connected to turn the tractor wheels (as it does in the car). I assume the first option but would like to see how exactly.

EDIT: the lowest new part price I could find was some 760 Euros, was €40 some second hand part price? At this new part price the product is not going to be the recommended AOG motor.

I will use second hand part, it is more durable than new phidget .When you se how it’s made inside, phidget is a toy.
I will mount it on tractor who has servo already.

Look how it is from inside at 1:58…

I tought it maybee go hard when it ia not operative, but a shut my car down , front wheels in air and tried to move steereng wheel, it goes easy.

So i’m gonna try that, if this works its better solution than phidget.

These motor models are not Planetary gearboxes. I recommend your choice to be a planetary gearbox. In planetary gearboxes, the output shaft is in the middle. side type motors are usually straight gearboxes


Has anyone tried using hoverboard wheels?

Is 200 rpm not enough?

200 rpm
20 W
4,5 kg*cm

look at this topic:

Autosteer - Brushless Motor - Hardware / Autosteer - AgOpenGPS

If you are going to control it with gear, we do not recommend below 400 RPM. Control from the bagel will go at 900 RPM.

Run at 18 -24v it would go considerably faster.

I’m sorry but i do not know why is planetarry better?
Phidget is a toy compared with this motor.
This one is so strong it turns cars wheels what is science fiction for phidget.
Allso no need to disconect it like a planetary motor becouse it goes easy and is very quiet.Allmost no sounds at all.

It has around 100rpm/min
With no load it consumes 2.5A on 12V

I will try it on my second tractror.
I think it will work just fine.
It’s from Opel/Vauxall corsa

What’s the price? Part number?

Work in progress

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Video for all of thouse who taught that steereng wheel will go hard with this motor.
It’s not done yet, still experimenting on mount, to make it better it can be.



These power steering systems usually have a torque sensing element. Are you going to use that to automatically disengage steer?

Enjoying watching your development!

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Thanks :grin::grin::grin::beer:

I’m planing to measure current , and set some over current example 20A , when i take the steereng by forse amperage shell rise, on some point ( 20 amps) set to disable agopengps and open circuit between ibt2 and motor.

So i need double switch who will on/off agopen gps and open circuit to motor.So when is disabled motor goes easy and do not back fire ibt.

Now i’m searching how to do it.
Maybee with arduino.

If someone has better idea … please i want to hear more opinions.

You are in luck the acs712 is already supported by AOG. It measures the current of the steer motor in series with one output wire polarity does not matter.

You can set a threshold level it trips at from the tablet.

C$ 1.28 20% Off | Hall Current Sensor Module ACS712 module 5A 20A 30A Hall Current Sensor Module 5A/20A/30A ACS712

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Its great to see, but i see it disables software, i also need to open circuit to the motor to stop backfire controller.

Does this mod have some relay output?

I do not understand the need for the relay, the fidgets using freewheel mod stays coupled to the steering wheel without any relays.

What characteristic of your motor would require decoupling with a relay?

Think he’s using the IBT2 rather than a Cytron but I don’t think the IBT in standard form has an issue with free running? I can check on mine.

You think that reverse direction voltage wont harm ibt?
And the motor connected to him will go easy as nothing conected?

In that case That would be perfect.

In my country i can buy ibt but not cytron ,i must order it and wait wait …
But for this motor i do not think cytron is up to .

I do not know what peak current would be untill i try it.

I power my IBT/motor combination with one of these.

It allows me to not only increase the motor voltage to get more speed, but also to limit the current. This current limiting is great for both taming rapid steer movements and also preventing high power spikes when rapidly reversing direction of steer.

I’ve used the IBT2 from the start, well over three years ago. It’s absolutely fine despite what you might read here. I’ve blown one at the start with a very violent steer issue but never had an issue since. I’ve a couple of spares and have not needed them yet.

I run a very powerful Gimson robotics motor at twice it’s rated voltage to get the speed I need. At 100 rpm steer wheel speed I would think you should be fine.

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