Autosteer - Brushless Motor

Thank guys, I didn’t search on the good website !


has anyone tried to control the vesc via uart?
First field test with my brushless :smiley:


That is brilliant!! :sunglasses:

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :star_struck: i like it

Nice work ! :star_struck:
Witch motor is it ?

Nice work Giovanni!

A little bit modified Hoverboard wheel :


@giotoma Cool!! Is that a regular 3 phase hover board motor? Or did you find a single phase?

3 phase with hall sensors

Ok did you hack the original driver board or use a different one?

Vesc 4.20, like the one in the first message of this topic

hello , very einterresting , but I don t see anywhere how you control this engine , with a ESC ? I lokk for also the code for the arduino

Take a look at GitHub - Lechnerch/AOG_Autosteer_ESP32: AgOpenGPS V4 autosteer code for ESP32

Nice work!
Is that from a 6" or an 8" nominal diameter wheel? (sometimes quoted as 6.5" or 8.5") I could not quite tell by scaling off the steering wheel and pinion shaft. ( got 7"!)

It’s an 8", bigger is better, you can make the hollow shaft larger, so the adapter for the steering column is easier to make

hello , thank you for your answer , but did you have a wiring drawing , I saw that
but I not sure ti understand every think , Why a ESP32 ? I understand not the wifi ( you use D15 ) , I dont understand where is connect ESC , PWM and DIR ? ON D39 that it is ?

You control it using a Vesc 4.2 which in turn can be controlled from any mcu ( arduino, ESP32, Teensy etc) by voltage, PWM or uart.

Yes I was thinking bigger is better, probably more poles too. You can also get 10" hoverboard wheels for a bigger center hole and maybe more poles, but perhaps that’s too big, obscuring the dashboard?

Found a drawing of a 8.5" hoverboard wheel. What did you use for bearings? needle rollers? Also can’t quite work out how you bring the wires out from the inner stator, which must be fixed to a bracket behind, while the outer rotor is connected to the steering wheel and steering shaft. maybe it becomes obvious when you take it apart. The topside outer plate is welded to a center tube, is that mild steel or Ally? it does not look like off the original wheel.
8.5inch brushless wheel

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