Autosteer - Brushless Motor

As @TERVUREN said.

In addition to this you can take a look at

Yes, it is more expensiv but I think it looks better :wink:

Looks interesting, please can you introduce your steering setup and post more information.
How do you handle RS232?
Did you made the adapter for steering wheel by yourself?
What is your experience with your motor, is the smaller one rated torque of 7N also enought?

I am using an ESP32 with a modified code from Matthias‘ Autosteer (github/mtz8302). This sends the commands via wifi UDP to a small Wemos D1 mini I have built in in the steering wheel. From this Wemos the commands are sent via a RS232MAX converter to the wheel. So the wheel is only plugged with a power cable. The data transfer also works in the other direction.

To mount the motor on the tractor I use a selfmade adapter and a cheap racing wheel.

Yes, I am sure that the smaller one also is strong enough for any kind of hydraulic steering. (I am not sure for mechanical steering, sry)

In the meantime (I bought it in summer) the software of new ones seems to be updated. Now it should work that the motor gives some feedback for example if you turn the wheel. (My motor has some problems with this feedback)Bild Bild Bild Bild Bild Bild Bild Bild Bild Bild Bild Bild Bild Bild Bild Bild Bild


This is smaller, the shaft hole is 23 mm, I don’t know if it would be enough

Look at the datasheet of the steering oribitrol:

OGNIBENE Lenkventile Serie STZOR (Reaction)
Orbitrol OGNIBENE série STZOR (Réaction)

• Lenkradmoment: normal ca. 3 Nm
manuell 120 Nm
max. 240 Nm

• Couple au volant: normal env. 3 Nm
manuel 120 Nm
max. 240 Nm


Very nice mounting !
Do you have a datasheet of this motor, especially about the RS232/CAN interface ?


I plan to make a fork of the GitHub-Code wich I use (GitHub - mtz8302/AOG_Autosteer_ESP32: AgOpenGPS V5 + V4 autosteer code for ESP32 ) to implement my code. But I just started learning Github, so it may take a few weeks.

The new datasheet doesn’t exactly correspond with my motor, so I am not sure if my code could work with this version…

Im am not allowed to upload a pdf, but yes I have one. :thinking:

This one could work :




Arf yes you cannot upload pdf. I search on the Aliexpress page and manufacturer website but I didn’t found the datasheet.
I’m interested to see how the motor is commanded throught RS232.


Seems to be this factory. Download pdf from their website.

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Yes it is it! It is not the newest version but it‘s ok for understanding.

It seems I am not allowed. I tried and I am only be allowed to upload jpg, jpeg, png, gif, txt, kml, xlsx, ino, cs. :thinking:

But it didn’t change very much, so tho older one is ok.

Here is the actual version:

I renamed the extension
KY170 Electric steering motor user manual V1.4 pdf.txt (987,9 KB)

This model with 85mm hollow can easy adapt to steerwheel, and thickness only 33mm.

Thank guys, I didn’t search on the good website !


has anyone tried to control the vesc via uart?
First field test with my brushless :smiley:


That is brilliant!! :sunglasses:

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Nice work ! :star_struck:
Witch motor is it ?

Nice work Giovanni!