DC Motor model

I think i have even more then 100rpm,
Fuse rated for this motor is 50A at 14.5V so it’s very powerfoul.
But there is no need for that power becouse there is no force on steereng wheel.

My concern is change direction amps, but it is a spiral transmision , maybee its diferent then gear.

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Measured it today , 130 rpm/min

my apologies for my bad english. Does it work well with this steering motor? I’m looking for a good alternative to the phidgets that are a bit smaller in size.

I have several that have been running smoothly for over a year! you will be surprised at how strong it is even at 12v.

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for example a friend purcharse a small MFA 970D


and he was really happy to begin with this

Connected it works :wink:


Now need to work on estetics :joy:

I quickly put this together to test the motor.

Now cablework :grin:


These are the installs I love the best! The ones with a tractor with hard earned patina…. and newly minted U turn!

You steering motor handles very precise, great implementation.

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But it is a smal tractor ,when becames litle grumpy steer goes to hell 10 cm left right.

I hoped the panda will solve this , but it doesnt.
Or maybe i did not set something right.

I must try with antenna in front, its half of height, maybee it will do better.

Antena in front, drastic performance increase


I have watched this video several times but couldn’t figure out how he built, am i the only one wondering?


6 small brushless motors, instead of one big expensive

They seem to have their flywheel covered in rubber - or the red inside the wheel is rubbery

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Another design, Arag Polaris.

D20339_GB-m00.pdf (792.2 KB)


Which is the one FieldBee use I believe.

If i didn’t make my motor from car, my next idea whould be something like this

US $200.55 28%OFF | Hollow Rotating Platform Gearbox 2Arcmin Round Dsk Reducer, Nema17 Stepper Motor Ratio 5:1 10:1 Hollow Gearbox,Shaft 5mm/8mm

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Speed test :grin::grin:


Hello everyone. I’m assembling my system. Time to buy the motor. So I was looking for the Phidget motor, but problem was that it either comes from US (and last time I ordered something from the US it took a looong time to arrive here in Italy), or there is some sort of different issue (Phidget distributor here for instance takes only orders higher than 500€). So I was looking for alternatives in the process, and here comes my question: can anybody explain to me what’s wrong with this motor? I mean, same torque as Phidgets, a little slow, yes, but sill, I guess with a 4:1 gears it should do the job, BUT it’s too good to be true at roughly 30€. There must be something that makes it not good for autosteer

I would say a bit slow really unless you are certain you will not need to use headland turns or ‘U’ turn. If it was 12v i would say just increase the voltage to get more speed.

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Thanks for your advice. I’m gonna buy it and give it a try. I need the autosteer almost exclusively for straight line guidance, so I’m not at all worried about its speed, that is the last of my concerns tbh. Hopefully it’s gonna work.

We used this in ours and works fine (and it’s only 12V)

I bought my motor from here. Mine isn’t sold any more but they have a fair selection and they are very good quality.