Deere sensors

Looking at putting AOG on a Deere 6195R. Is it possible to use the wheel angle sensor and steering control valve on an autotrac ready tractor? Not looking for plug and play but wire straight to the sensor and valve. Thanks.

I’m thinking the new Deere sensors may output Canbus and not 0-5V. I’d test it with a multi-meter to see if it is a linear potentiometer or not. I believe the control valve would be a Danfoss you could find out more here. Big thanks to Weder for the Danfoss info.

I saw weders info on the wiki. This valve appears to have 3 solenoids on it. Two wires to each one. 2 are grey connectors 1 is black. I was reading a raven install guide. It used the term lock valve or something like that for the black connector. It didn’t seem to be the same valve weder had. I think you are right about was being can. Raven installs a “spy” harness. I could get around that by installing my own was. I am not sure about the valve.

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Deere is the farming version of apple. :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: