Designing Autonomous Steering System

I am in the process of designing a steering system which will utilize AOG for autonomous guidance. Ideally, I would like to avoid using a PCB and instead use the Sun Hydraulic XMD-02 PID valve driver, receiving J1939 protocol from AOG, to control a Danfoss proportional valve. A LVDT sensor on the hydraulic steer cylinder will be used to provide the closed loop feedback to the XMD-02. I am a mechanical engineering so the electronic and control aspect in integrating AOG is currently over my head. Hoping some of you may be able to help me out with a few questions ( I hope they are not too silly/foolish)

  • Is this a feasible method? Any issues or obstacles to address with this approach as opposed to traditional PCB and steer motor method?
  • How can I output steering angle from AOG onto a CanBus? Do I have to use an Arduino with a MCP2515/MCP2551? Is there an alternative option to an Ardunio or Pi?
  • Is position and heading via NEMA 2000 required for AOG? For instance; is Hemisphere’s A21 antenna with V34 board which provides heading and position overkill?