Determining Overlap RealTime

One of the features i worked on a couple years ago was determining how much of the field was overlapped before the field was done but couldn’t get an algorithm to do it in less then a few minutes. Not exactly real time!! But using a new method I was fortunate that it actually works graphically quite nicely. Much like the way sections work. Pretty sure this isn’t available commercially, so it may be an agricultural first.

A video showing it in action, it worked extremely well. Hopefully can incorporate it into the next version because it is very useful.


So it seems to be workable. Did a field that was a little over a km long to test the capability of detecting overlap.
2019-12-04 (2)

Then drove up right along side until it overlapped the tiniest bit, it quickly showed overlap. Seems to be a success.
2019-12-04 (1)


I think that it is convenient to know the actual harvest area even if the combine runs overlap .

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