Please reply with model number then year/series.

Deutz-Fahr Agrotron 430 TTV year 2012, does anyone have some solutions for steering mount

Hi I have a first solution for my deutz m600. Probably fits some more types.
Still needs to have some more testing but here are the files. Will update when necesary.

files can be found here : deutz fahr m600 motor files - Google Drive

the motor used is this one: GR-EP-52 High Torque Planetary Gearmotor (12V and 24V versions) - Gimson Robotics | The linear actuator and electric motor specialist

there is also a video of it working in the drive. However the motor will be able to turn a lot faster when I apply 24v instead of 8.

I am open for questions and proposals.
At the moment i will fix the motor to the steer with an elestic. I don’t feel any diffrence in the steering with the motor or without.

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Thx. I will look in to it!

Hi, these are great, just what I’m looking for for my M600. Did you print these yourself? I don’t have access to a 3D printer and would like to have some made, can you give any recommendation? I’m in the UK. Thanks.

I have a friend with a 3d printer so i don’t really know where to buy prints. However I would recommend searching for someone with a 3d printer that can help you if you have not done it before.

You will probably need to get another motor as the one I used seems to be discontinued. And then you will need to change the motor holder a little bit. Changing the diameter to be correct (take a few milimeters wider) and changing the location of the screw holes in the motor holder should do the trick.

Also to mount the motor to the steer you will need to get a thin metal plate that you can bend and weld 2 nuts on. You will need to bend this over the forward and reverse shifter block. On this metal plate the motor mount is mounted. This way you can easly remove it and put it back on without having to drill any holes.

After a little bit of testing i found the following out:

  • don’t go for a slower motor or a less strong one.
  • make the spring a lose as possible while making sure the gears don’t grind (this will help the motor a lot)

I you have anymore followup questions I am happy to hear. I have not tested it that much yet tho.

Kind regards

Thank you. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Did you manage to build it? If yes what motor are you using?
I would like to change my motor out with a 12v one. But don’t really know what motor to go for