Did I buy the wrong F9P?

Hi. I’ve just started to receive parts to assemble my first AOG. I followed the hardware wiki here: Home · farmerbriantee/AgOpenGPS_Boards Wiki · GitHub

I bought the “All in one PCB” and the recommended F9P, but now when I have the PCB and the F9P, I can see that I was supposed to by the micro F9P, which I did not… So, I’ve got 5 PCB’s where I can not fit my standard F9P. The F9P works well alone as a lightbar though…

Is this solvable? Can I use the PCB I ordered with all other component, and connect the F9P otherwise? Any solutions? Or do I have to by the F9P micro right away?

Thank you.

You could use your standard f9p as your rtk base station then buy the micro f9p for your aio pcbs.
No idea if you can make the standard fit but guessing not due to the size difference


You can use your all in one boards for steering over Ethernet, and connect your standard f9p through USB.


It’s not that easy:


  • rx/tx to micro f9p header
  • ioref to 3v3 V
  • 5V/GND requests an additional power supply, (other way: exchange the 3V3 regulator from the micro’s to a 5V variant, so you can take 5V from micro f9p header)

but, there is a micro f9p group buy now …

wland, when you say its not that easy are you referring to what customfordfan said?

Is it not possible to use the all in one board via ethernet and connect standard f9p through usb?

I refering to the main topic. Standard F9P needs just RX,TX, 3V3/IOREF, GND, 5V wired to the Teensy’s Board.

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