Digi SX (PRO) / Ardusimple LR (XLR) Radio compatiblity

Here’s hoping I can get at least the far. My antenna is only about 37’ up from the ground but has line of sight to my entire farm.

High gain antennas often have a donut shaped coverage pattern. Signal may be very weak close to and under the antenna.

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I have purchased a mouser starter kit, actually Ardusimple with wonder shipping SNAFUS and dealr markup, but none the less with the XBee radios. Are any of you with these able to get AOG to show in AIO that you are receiving the corrections, or are you finding that info in the data monitor?

Generally the Xbees send the data straight to the F9P or it gets routed through the Teensy to the F9P, nothing to do with AgIO or AoG except that you should see RTK fix in the GPS details window(s).

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Just for everyone else’s sake here, how did you resolve your Xbee signal issues? @hobbyfarmer

This may be related more to my thread but with my issue it was the power supply was to small the intermittent success turn out to be when I plugged the F9P with the Xbee into my computer it worked. When I used my .5 watt power supply there wasn’t enough power to transmit all the MSGS only some.


According to the data sheet, to broadcast at 1 watt, the XBee SX Pro requires nearly 1 amp of Vcc 3.3v power. Unfortunately the usb to xbee adapters I bought can only supply 300 mA. So I may bodge in a parallel linear 5v to 3.3v regulator to ensure adequate supply when I build a base station with a Pi and the RTKBase system.

It was my understanding that the Ardusimple RTK2B with XBee only required a power connection on the base station. It has already been configured to transmit the correction to the rover board. Does the base station require another terminal to communicate with the rover? I have powered the board up solo, and the LEDs on the board indicated it was transmitting the correction stream.

Yes you are correct when the Xbee radio is plugged directly into the Ardusimple board. Should just work without any extra.

In my case I’m planning to use the RTKBase program with a raspberry pi -like computer. The radio module will be attached via USB to the computer, and messages will be sent from RTKBase to the radio module and also to an NTRIP caster.

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Understood. I actually asked Ardusimple if the Ardusimple with XBee radios could be configured to communicate reciprocally and they assured me they could. The same data being TX’d out the radio would also be found on the corresponding side rail pins. The base could actually RX paths and record it. Could make record keeping super intuitive as well. Would make a great tracking utility redundancy. Maybe that is too much data for the radio capability. Just an intriguing concept. Cheers.

@torriem Do you know which firmwares/modes can use a repeater? Is it just Mesh mode on the SX firmware?

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I’m not completely sure. But I assume it would have to be running the SX firmware, and the mode being mesh is a good guess.

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I would like to do the same. Keep us posted. Thanks

Your last sentence was why I question the process. Mine is not showing RTK fix at all. The No RTK LED is lit steady sometimes, sometimes its flashing, on both modules. AOG does not show RTK FIX. I can’t even get RTK to show up in Ucenter, unless I enable NTRIP stream over internet.

When you use NTRIP, is that coming from the same base station?

How do you have your RTK Dest jumper configured? If going straight to F9P, do your bauds match? If going to Teensy RX5, again, does your baud match?

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No, it is from the client entered into AOG. My base station is not setup online. I have incredibly poor cellular connectivity at our farm, 12 miles from the home place in the boonies.

I have put the rover module on the V2.4 PCB, but the ardusimple modules won’t get RTK fix on their own, let alone on the V2.4 pcb.

You’ll have to explain more what you mean.

I successfully tested XLR repeater tonight. It worked. Only thing I changed in XCTU was the transmit Options from 40 to 80. Very excited. Cellular internet not reliable enough for corrections in my area. This will let me finally establish a permanent base! The max repeater hop is 2. I plan to install permanent repeaters and have a mobile one as well. I should be able to get RTK to most of our acres with 2 repeaters.