Discourse with Android

Anyone have the problem of not being able to type on the forum with an android phone? On a PC it works fine. On the phone I can only read posts.

Yes, it is a pain. To reply to a post, I have to click reply, then I can’t type. I then click reply like I did type something. It says that the post can’t be empty, then it kinda resets and I can type. I have another android phone that I have no problem with. Even stranger behavior when trying to edit the post.

I could only get a blank screen on my android phone, so I installed Chrome from the android app store.
Works great.

I’m trying this on my Android right now. No issues as far as I can tell. Edit: works too, never had to install the discourse app I’m using Chrome.

Seems to work on some phones and not others.

On Edge it works. Not Firefox.

I’m running two phones, both Firefox, both different. One is fine, one not so much. The older one is the problem.

Also not working on Ipad with Chrome

Hmmmmm… typed on an iPad, in Chrome.

Patchy by the look.