Display applied rate

I am using AOG with section control for a hose drag system for applying liquid manure for my dairy farm in the Netherlands. Pump capacity is the limiting factor and varies with viscosity of the manure, length of the hose and numbers of sections. The desired rate off application should be reached by adjusting the speed of the tractor. (To obtain maximum capacity). I have installed a flow meter on the system which displays the actual m3/hour.

Is there a way to display the actual rate in m3/ha in AOG by using the speed and actual working width combined with reading the flow rate? Or can anyone give me a clue where to start? (I have very little programming experience.

Interesting idea, we also drag line our manure and but as of yet dont have agopengps installed on the old 4450 that pulls the line.
The flow meter you have how do you see the m3/hour? is it a digital read out? how and where is the flow meter and where is the display for rate being pumped? in the tractor?

Hi, nice to see someone is interested.

I see the m/3 hour in the cab of the tractor on the display of the signal converter. (KROHNE IFC 100) [https://nl.krohne.com/en/products/flow-measurement/components-and-auxiliary-equipment-for-flow-measurement/signal-converters/ifc-100/]. The signal comes from the flowmeter wich is installed just before the ditributor. The flowmeter is a KROHNE Optiflux 2000. [https://nl.krohne.com/en/products/flow-measurement/components-and-auxiliary-equipment-for-flow-measurement/flow-sensors/optiflux-2000/]
Was quite an investment, but for this kind op application mandatory due to environmental regulations in the Netherlands.