Distance from base station for ntrip

How far can i be from a base station that i found from rtk2go when using ntrip? here is some info on it say about 90km

90km is quite possibly pushing it a bit - if your weather conditions are significantly different for example to where the base station is, it’ll be out. But try it, you might get lucky.

Base stations are cheap to set up if not.

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I’ve lost rtk fix at 4 miles when a stormcloud came through. Depends what accuracy you’re looking for

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50km is about as far as Id push it and expect good results.

with cellular ntrip?

with cellular ntrip? with nearest base 90km

The problem with being very far away from the base is that the curvature of the earth starts cutting off satellites that both base and rover can see at the same time.

So your rover will see 32 sats, but only have 4 or so corrections that it can use from the very distant base that apply to what satellites it is seeing.

Can you get a fix at 90km yes, it would not be trustworthy for more than a few minutes at a time
As the satellites fly overhead into new positions.

Physics is pretty rigid.

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ok that makes sense thank u all new to this

Yes. The interesting thing was there wasn’t the jerk over of when I would lose connection with the base station. Coming back after the crop was up, I couldn’t find the spot where I’d lost rtk

when my base went down i connected to the next nearest at 100km away to finish the job
it seemed to work fine out in the open but get near a tall hedge and it would drop out momentarily