Hey Guys,

I am new to AgOpenGPS. In the future I plan on making some changes to the code to make it would well with cattle feeding. But for now I am working on documenting the C# code with XML and will have some questions throughout about what specific code does and where it links to the application.

To start, I am looking into the classes in Simple ABC and wanted to know what the CWorkSwitch does and where it links in the GUI. I wasnt able to see a clear connection to any specific button on the application.

Another is CQuicks under the classes folder in CABLine.cs. I am new to GPS, is this a common term? Why was it named this way?

Someone would know better than myself, but, workswitch, I believe is outside the computer. If this switch is open or closed, turn on tool. It can override manual or not. I other words, there is a switch in the cab that controls a sprayer. The computer reads that switch and sets the manual or auto button based on this. CQuicks is simply a routine that builds a quick set of ablines. North, South. It could be other presets values, but these are available when you start a field. Someone correct me if this is wrong.

Thanks Kent! I really appreciate it. I spent a bit of time trying to find the workswitch thinking it was a button inside the app.