Does anyone have an AgOpenGPS system working in a swather

Does anyone have a working RTK AgOpenGPS system working in a swather, or is there just some theorizing how to do it? I haven’t been able to tell in what I’ve read if there is any working system out there yet or not. Maybe I missed it.

Two seasons with AgOpen in our Macdon Swather.

Electric motor on steering wheel, wheel angle sensor between drive pump swash plates. First season was v4 single antenna, second season v5 dual antenna.

Works well, every year think of a better way to improve the system.

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Same here on a Hesston. Same setup as CommonRail except single antenna with CMPS. Trying a different wheel motor with lower max. RPM this year, if time allows adding Panda and switch everything over to UDP. Just search for swather, there should be pictures posted here.

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I also have a Hesston. Mine is a 8450. How straight does your system currently guide it? Does it tend to squiggle around a lot and is that why you want to try a slower wheel motor?

I have a sickle machine so I don’t have to guide it while driving fast, I only swathe at up to about 6 mph.

I don’t know why, but I can only see embedded pictures on this site. Any time I click a picture link it says “the picture could not be loaded”

6mph is about the max we can do as well. It is very sensitive, and if you trun too quick the imu can barely follow. For straight lines it works pretty well though. Phidgets has a motor that does 192 rpm max, that’s the one I want to try. That’s still sufficient RPMs to get you dizzy. The next thing then would be playing with the counts per degree.

I get the same in others threads. I can’t even see pictures I posted in othere discussions. Seems to be a web page issue.

All pictures before summer '21 disappeared when the forum moved from discourse. :cry:

So what model is your Hesston? Also curious what you call pretty well. How much overlap do you need to prevent skips? I want it mainly for the straight rows myself.

Thanks for your good information!

I added a picture earlier to this post, can you see that? That’s how i mounted the WAS.

It’s a 9240 with a 25ft header.
I think it has 30 to 50 cm overlap. I’m not with the machine at the moment.

Yes I can see that one.

Right on

How accurate can you be with RTK on this?

With panda and rtk it could work pretty well i think. If you use the phidgets motor go for 192 rpm max.

OK, and pretty well would be what sort of error range?

We use dual antenna on the swather so the heading is always there before moving and you can turn around 180deg on the same spot.

We have a 80rpm motor and it’s a little to slow for auto turns but ok for driving.

+/- 2cm is easily workable, +/- 5cm would be a bad day.

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