Does anyone have trimble/cnh 252 rtk tsip message capture

I know there has been some work done on trying to figure out how to replace the 252 with f9p or similar but it requires some conversion, I dont have an unlocked rtk receiver with a base station to be able to see what data is spit out by the trimble receiver being sent to the nav ii controller. Just wondered if someone has already captured the data stream with an active rtk fix and could post a file of it so I could take a look.

You don’t need RTK to be unlocked. Even WAAS would work fine. NAV II doesn’t care whether the signal claims to be RTK or not, so even if you can generate TSIP data it thinks is WAAS, that’s good enough, if it’s coming from RTK in actuality. I’ve always wanted to collect some data.
@PotatoFarmer is the one who did quite a bit of work on this. Perhaps he can comment.

If Agra-GPS sold Trimble TSIP versions of their CRG, I’d buy four units immediately.

Yes, was just interested in seeing the difference in the data stream between the wass and the rtk tsip stream. Just figured if some one already had a file it would save me from tracking someone down with an unlocked receiver and base station.

The RTK and WAAS just handshake different at the start and require some extra data acquired in the unlock process. A lot of work just to see RTK being displayed.

But RTK level data is still RTK level even if it is accepted in a WAAS wrapper. Trimble uses a different coordinate system than NMEA and there is also a bunch of junk data required to keep the receiver and nav connected.

My personal opinion is the Trimble was obsolete and overpriced the day you bought it, just use AOG for everything. I used to think the ez series was pretty cool, then AOG had U turn with no unlocks and a 12" tablet screen, pretty obvious winner.

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