Does this look right

I have a basic panda but on agopen on the field it looks very chopy


Does this system data looks ok ??

Its 8 hz. Did you load the right f9p file??

i use the files for the teency and f9p configs fron
from the V5.6.33 prerelease
The teensy would be loaded with “Autosteer_gps_teensy_v5_5” from TeensyModules/Firmware
The F9P would be updated to 1.32 with the .bin then loaded with 1.32 “SingleAntennaRover.txt” in Ublox F9P Configurations

Both raw hz and hz should be around 10.

Check F9P settings if it is set to 10hz if not upload config again. Use Rover 10Hz config. Don’t forget to save.

thanks very much that was is :smile: