Drive in function doesn't work

I dont know why but everytime i try to open a field via drive in, the app gives me this error “No Fields Found, Field not open”. The Gps-location is in the boundary of the field as you can see in the second picture. I can normaly open and work on the field when i open it with name search. Whats the problem with drive in? Am i doing somethign wrong? I really need to use the drive in function because there is absolutely no chance i am remembering all names.

Im also having trouble with the ‘drive in’ feature.
When i enter a field i know ive already mapped the boundary i press the ‘drive in’ but this brings up the list for every single field i have saved and then need to sort through them and select the one i want.
Also is there a way of editing field names?

rename the folder field located Documents\AgOpenGPS\Fields\

I’m finding the drive in function is using a large radius to select fields,
is there a way to narrow the radius down? mine seems to pick any field up to 1.5-2km away