Drive recorded path problem

I have made a field and created a boundary, then I record a path. Next trick is to go back and have AOG actually drive it. When I push the go button (martian guy flyout menu) I get a message that no path is found. The path was created by recording from my favorite Martian


Here is my field;


I’m sure I’m doing some thing wrong!


Are you too far away and not pointed correctly to start your recorded path?

no, I’m setting right at the start. Maybe to close?

But you’re outside of your boundary

I was just about at the starting point of the path. I might have even been on the line but past the start point. Is there a “rule” on how a path should start and stop? This is a test just to try to learn how it works. In real life this would be a path to spray around trees.

A Martian works only within the boundaries, the entrance to the path must be made so that the tractor mounting on it does not go over the border!
As there is a problem with that, you can make the border moved further than the real one.


Thanks baraki, That fixed my problem. As usual it’s my problem not the program!!!