Driveable headland

Hello, I’m a bit new around here.

Being from a sugar cane farm, we’ve got some headlands with ample turning space and some that have power poles and the like on them. The ability to drive headlands to define them might be an idea as this would allow obstacle definition on ends while maximising turning space. This is always doable by manual steering but I’m curious to see what could come of this.

Hi Philip.

To drive a marker track on your headland it’s quite simple. What I always do I make a AB line for the headland, be sure it’s half working width outside the field boundary and drive the path were you normally drive when spraying/fertilize the field. For example when having a 24m spreader or sprayer and your seeder is 3m wide, I drive the 6th wayline. (The tram tracks will be in the middle of the 4th and 5th wayline).
When you drove it you have a perfect marked headland

I’ve been trying to accomplish that but I can’t seem to get an a pair of AB lines representing headlands to actually represent the headlands when driving because when you change to AB curve, it takes away all the AB lines. I’ve seen one of Brian’s videos on it in an older version but it has obviously changed quite a bit since then.

You can only select One AB line or curve at the time. With the headland feature you can create a headland line xx meters from your boundary.

I’m aware of the fixed boundary to headland distance and I think it’s quite a fine idea for broadacre farming and the like. The idea I’m thinking of is having the headland definable as variable along a distance. The ability to change this by hand is also fine however, it does seem quite awkward and fiddly to do some of these shifts to also match exact existing row end locations. I’m thinking the ability to define a headland the same way a boundary is defined. That way obstacles can be defined using boundaries and the headland contours could be accurately defined to the existing row ends.